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DSK Jewellery

Hey everyone , sorry I haven't posted in MONTHS ! I'm curently on Summer Vacation and have been busy . I'm not sure if I should close down this blog, I will think about it first. But I want to tell all of you about this Blog i found, DSK Jewellery. They are having a giveaway and I hope all of you will check it out. (:

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Hiatus .. :(

Hey sorry everyone I haven't posted in more ... well a long time . I guess I'm on a Hiatus I'll try to post if i can but school is taking up a lot of my time ! Plus its Basketball season so games and practice is very tiring. I'm soo sorry ! Definetly looking forward to E.U coming out ! :) Happy Early Valenitine's Day! :)

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New Banner

Hey I made a new Twilight banner for my Blog ! Tell me what you think by replying to this post ! Comments or questions are accepted please tell me what you think of it ! Do you think its plain (I think so xp), original, too white / blank (I do xD), or anything I want your thoughts on how to improve it or what you like / don't like about it ! Just reply to this post ! :)

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Charlene Choi predicts that Twins will be back

Charlene Choi predicts that Twins will be back

Sunday January 4, 2009 Hong Kong

When presenting the award for the ‘Most popular group’, Eric Tseng said: “There’s no Twins this year, so who will receive the award?” The camera immediately focused on Charlene Choi, who was sitting on the stage, and Charlene immediately smiled and said: “We will be back!”Eric Tseng on seeing the situation immediately repeated: “We will be back!”

Source : The Sun

Translated by : Firesheepy

Ella Showed Off Dance Moves , Self-criticized Butt Being Big

Ella Showed Off Dance Moves

Self-Criticized Butt Being Big


Note: Please credit wyn0602 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Although Ella’s personality had always been open and straightforward but when it came to dancing, she did not fool around. In the games segment last night, Ella taught three fans robotic dance moves to see who would learn the fastest. In the end, it was a fan from the Malay SHE Fan Club that won the competition.

From the release of the new album to now, S.H.E was so busy with doing promotion that they did not have any time to rest at all. Therefore, all three hoped that they could have a vacation for this year’s Chinese New Year so that they could get together with family and friends. As previous years, Ella would also celebrate Chinese New Year with family and friends by holding a BBQ party at her home in Pingtung.

When asked how they deal with pressures from work, Selina said: [I would chat with my sisters (Hebe & Ella) and tell them everything that I am happy or unhappy with because they can give me strength and advices.] Hebe said she would chat with family and friends or go online to read postings from fans because the fan postings would make her feel that all her hard work was worth the effort. Ella said that she now had learned not to put herself in a dead corner but to deal with the issues instead. Once the issues were resolved, pressure would naturally be relieved.

Touched that Fans Participate in Charity

Other than this, that night was also the 6th anniversary of the Malay SHE Fan Club. The fans created a special 8 minute video for the occasion. After viewing the video which recorded how the fans actively participated in all sorts of charitable work in support of S.H.E, the three were deeply moved. Ella said: [If we did not see this video, we would have no idea that the fans had participated in so many charitable activities. I am really touched!]

Just as everyone was getting ready to cut the cake, Ella was watching an image of her backside on the big screen and suddenly blurted out: [Wah, my butt looked really big!] That got everyone in the room roaring with laughter.

This autograph session for [My Station FM S.H.E] that was held at the 4th floor parking lot of Sungei Wang Plaza attracted over 700 fans coming to meet their idols and packed the whole parking lot.

Translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
Credits : CEFC and Kwongwah News
Original source :

2008 Jade Solid Gold Award Ceremony Full Results

2008 Jade Solid Gold Award Ceremony Full Results
Saturday January 3, 2009 Hong Kong

The third of Hong Kong's four main music awards ceremony was held on January 3rd, TVB's Jade Solid Gold (JSG) Award Ceremony.

Top 10 Gold Songs
Joey Yung - 跑步機上
Kay Tse - 囍帖街
Miriam Yeung - 撈月亮的人
Jade Kwan - 龐貝21世紀
Eason Chan - 歌. 頌
Raymond Lam - 愛不疚
Denise Ho - 韻律泳 Hins Cheung - 他的故事
Leo Ku - 眼睛不能沒眼淚
Hacken Lee - 他慈我悲

Gold Song Gold
Kay Tse - 囍帖街

Most Popular Male Newcomer
Gold: William Chan
Silver: Bosco Wong
Bronze: Det Di

Most Popular Female Newcomer:
Gold: G.E.M Tang
Silver: Linda Chung
Bronze: Fiona Fung

Recommended Newcomer:
Myolie Wu

2008 Outstanding Performance:
Gold: Susanna Kwan
Silver: Juno Mak
Bronze: Jason Chan

Most Popular Group:
Gold: Fama
Silver: Hotcha
Bronze: Mr.

Most Popular Duet:
Gold: Pakho Chau & Stephanie Cheng - 一事無成
Silver: Kary Ng & Terrence Siu Fey - 逼得寵物太緊
Bronze: Myolie Wu & Vincent Wong - 最難過今天

Most Popular Remake Song:
Gold: Emme Wong - 渴求
Silver: Eric Suen - 只要和你在一起
Bronze: Colleen Lau - 千嬌百媚

Most Popular Singer-Songwriter:
Gold: Ivana Wong
Silver: Justin Lo
Bronze: Patrick Tang

Most Popular Mandarin Song:
Gold: Suen Nan - 心裏話
Silver: Charlene Choi & JJ Lin - 小酒窩
Bronze: Khalil Fong - Love Song

Most Popular Commercial Song:
Gold: Joey Yung - Lucky Star
Silver: Jason Chan - I Miss You
Bronze: Hotcha - You are my best friend

Best Composition:
Eric Kwok - 囍帖街

Best Lyrics:
Wyman Wong - 囍帖街

Best Arrangement:
Carl Wong - 跑步機上

Best Song Producer:
Peter Kam - 寫得太多

Asia Most Popular Hong Kong Male Singer:
Eason Chan

Asia Most Popular Hong Kong Female Singer:
Joey Yung

Most Popular Male Singer:
Leo Ku

Most Popular Female Singer:
Miriam Yeung

4 Stations Album Award:
Kay Tse

JSG's Outstanding Performance Award is different from the 4 Stations one, JSG deems singers who haven't received a Gold Song award at their year round ceremony but have received awards at their seasonal selections are eligible. On the other hand, the 4 Stations has a requirement on the number of years in the industry (this is why Susanna Kwan is eligible for JSG's)

This is Leo Ku's first time winning Most Popular Male, Miriam's second time winning Most Popular Female (her last was 5 years ago)

Miriam breaks Joey's string of 5 straight wins at Most Popular Female Singer. This leaves Anita Mui's record intact.

Source :
Translated by : themissingpiece @

Kevin Cheng & Linda Chung hopes rumors will end in the New Year; Haven't received Charmaine Sheh's New Years Message

Kevin Cheng & Linda Chung hopes rumors will end in the New Year, Saturday

January 3, 2009 Hong Kong

Last night, Kevin Cheng, Linda Chung and Kate Tsui attended a welcome to 2009 New Years event. The three of them had their own fans shouting for them. Speaking of the new year resolution, Kevin and Linda had the same wish and hope to have less rumors; Kate will be stepping into the music industry soon, she hopes that everyone will accept her as a singer.

Haven't received Charmaine Sheh's New Years Message

Kevin was asked if rumored girlfriend Charmaine Sheh had sent him a new years text message? He said that he does not like to text, but if friends do send him wishes, he will call them back to thank them. But he has not received a text message from Charmaine yet, if he does receive one, he will treat her like any other friend and call her back to thank her. He smiled and said that hopefully in 2009 his rumors could come to an end. Good health and career is enough. Just returned from his break, in the new year he will be filming 2 series. As to recently there has been many artistes entering the music industry, will he also release an album? Kevin said that he already done so in the past years, probably won't have any special memories. As for Linda who was said that rumored boyfriend Raymond Lam has to work and couldn't do a countdown together, Linda said that they haven't met up yet to celebrate. After singing, she went home and took some time to keep the memories of the jobs done in the past year. Because 2008 is probably her most prosperous year, she's more worried that in the coming year if she could maintain that. But she hopes that her new album could have more dance-fast songs.

Source : Mingpao
Translated by : aZnangel

2008's Top-Selling Manga in Japan, by Series

2008's Top-Selling Manga in Japan, by Series

Friday January 2, 2009 Japan

One Piece, Naruto top chart; 20th Century Boys, Rookies rise with film, TV remakes

The following chart covers sales from December 24, 2007 to November 16, 2008. No new manga volume of Naoki Urasawa's 20th Century Boys was released in 2008. However over 3.7 million copies of the suspense manga were still sold on the strength of the ongoing movie trilogy and manga reissues such as the 24-volume 20th Century Boys/21st Century Boys set. Similarly, Masanori Morita's Rookies baseball manga enjoyed a resurgence thanks to the 2008 live-action drama adaptation and reissues of the compiled volumes.

1. One Piece

2. Naruto

3. 20th Century Boys

4. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

5. Bleach


7. Soul Eater

8. Nodame Cantabile


10. Gintama #26


2009: Ah Sa will have many opportunities

2009: Ah Sa will have many opportunities

Thursday January 1, 2009 Hong Kong

Happy New Year! Finally 2008, which was filled shocks has ended, and we are now in 2009. Everyone's common wish is to go 'up', no matter whether it is in the stock markets, property markets, employees' salary, even happiness - everyone hopes that it will all go up. Even though Hong Kong's entertainment circle is being attacked by the impact of Taiwanese entertainers and the investment traction by the mainland, does it mean that Hong Kong has no more stars? We must not be discouraged, because there is always hope for Hong Kong - For Ah Sa 阿Sa (Charlene Choi 蔡卓妍), even though the future of Twins looks uncertain, Ah Sa is still staying strong, hence we are predicting that in 2009, she will be super red-hot!

The past year has been a rough one. At the start of the year, Twins won the 'Asia's Most Popular Female Singer' Award, reaching the peak of their careers. However, not one month later, the nude photo scandal erupted, and everything fell to the bottom at once. Ah Sa has never complained or said anything bad about her good friend, only worrying about Ah Jiao 阿嬌 (Gillian Chung 钟欣桐)'s feelings, and also having to be strong and facing the public by herself. Today, she is still popular with endorsers and is a box office guarantee. She can also stand on the stage by herself and receive prizes - this road could not have been an easy one.

Ah Sa laughed saying: "My experience this year has trained by EQ (Emotional Quotient) to be extremely high. I feel that I can now teach in lectures and share with everyone that journey of my heart, so that everyone will know how to deal with the point in life when you are the most disillusioned."

Journey will be difficult; Continues walking

Ah Sa admits that when she found out that she had to face a severe career crisis and a major life challenge, she was extremely caught off guard. "At the start, it really wasn't easy. Maybe everyone thought I was optimistic and brave, but the truth was that I was so scared to meet whatever that may come my way. I was very unhappy, frustrated and my heart ached. However, such feelings are gone after a while. The most important thing to do is to accept, then let go. Don't ever choose to escape whenever you are unhappy."

More than 300 days have passed since Twins last appeared on stage together, and Ah Sa still goes up alone. She said: "I told myself that the Earth would never stop spinning, hence I must continue on."

Ah Sa asked me if I had watched the movie, 'I Want to be Famous (我要成名)'? There was a scene where Tony Leung Ka-Fai (梁家輝) told Liu Qing Yun (劉青雲): "When you are an artiste, and when the whole world is looking down on you, you must keep holding on. As long as you're alive, you will have a chance." When Ah Sa was most frustrated, she watched this movie, which inspired her. No matter what problems she met later on, she would tell herself and Ah Jiao: "As long as I'm still alive, there is still opportunities for change."

Ah Jiao: During difficulties, true feelings are revealed

In this 8 years, she has seen her good partner Ah Jiao for almost every day. Though now, in this period of time she has to continue on her own, she has never thought that she had 'been dragged down'. "Maybe every one thought that my relationship with her were just working partners, but people have never understood my feelings... (At this point, Ah Sa's eyes were filled with tears and had to compose herself before continuing) 8 years ago, Ah Jiao and I were fighting together. In the middle of it all, we have gone through all the happiness and unhappiness together. Hence the thing that happened to her in 2008 meant that it happened to me at the same time. Her unhappiness is my unhappiness. Right now I finally understand what this sentence means: 'When you are at a moment of distress, the person who can stay by your side and overcome it with you, is the most important person in your life." Hence Ah Jiao and I are fate. I have never been afraid of Twins being disbanded, because we are an indelible group. I am 1/2 of Twins, my hardwork is Twins' hardwork."

Ah Sa told me in a determined tone: "In this 8 years, it has been so hard to get to what I am today. I will not give up easily, and I will continue working hard."

Twins reconcilation is not easy
'Did you prepare yourself that you might not be popular anymore?'

Ah Sa said: "The entertainment circle has changed so much. All these years I've seen many singers coming and disappearing. I was shocked, but I have not been scared that I would not be popular anymore. As an artiste, you will have to go through this. But I was shocked that the effort I had put in in the past had been denied."

'In this period of time, have you met with Ah Jiao for long?'

Ah Sa expressed: "As long as there is time, we will meet each other. Though we don't go up the stage and perform together anymore, our relationship is still good. There are time where we will meet for about an hour, but we don't find special topics to talk about. In one glance we can tell what we are thinking about." Ah Sa revealed that the company is now analysing the first step that Ah Jiao can take for her comeback. "Everything is difficult at the beginning, and this step must be carefully planned out. There must be good timing, hence we have all prepared ourselves for the consensus that Twins will not be onstage in the near future."

'You grew up because of this matter. What about Ah Jiao? What are her feelings now?'

Ah Sa replied: "I am very happy that she is now back to being cheerful, and putting away everything that has happened. The most important thing is that she lives life happily. She has lots of motivation, and is now waiting for the time where she can meet everyone again." She laughed sayin: "As long as we are alive, we will have a chance."

Imporant role to play; Targets Taiwan

In 2008, Ah Sa's career has still been very smooth. She filmed 'Butterfly Lovers (武俠梁祝)', 'Passionate Years (歲月情)', and 'Storm Rider II (風雲II)', also guesting in 'All's Well, Ends Well 2009 (家有喜事2009)'. The songs she sang, 'Make a Wish' and 'Little Dimples (小酒窩)' won awards, and she filmed 8 commercials this year. She even has a musical tour of 6 stop, 'Cavalier Stars (騎士星光)' in Mainland China. For 'Butterfly Lovers', she went to Brunei, Japan and other parts of Southeast Asia for promotion. After going through a successful 2008, she will be extremely busy in 2009, because after she attends different big award ceremonies, she will be going to Taiwan to film an idol drama 'Calling Big Stars (呼叫大明星)' with 'bad boy idol' Mike He. When asked about the storyline, though it was still supposed to be kept secret, she revealed a little secret: "Will the Big Star be me? Or will it be Mike He? Of course it wouldn't be me."

Ah Sa watches drama to get to know Mike He

Talking about taking up the heavy responsibility of returning to Taiwan, Ah Sa asks: “Is it really heavy responsibility? Previously, when TWINS released album in Taiwan, the results were pretty good, I feel I am quite adapted to the work environment in Taiwan. But this is definitely a new experience. Basically, in the past, I have only filmed ‘The Monkey King’ and guested in ‘Kung Fu Soccer’. I feel I don’t have much experience in filming series, but since I am still young, I want to try an idol drama la.” Ah Sa is 26 years old, and indeed she is still youthful, and she especially met up with Mike He. Ah Sa said: “In the past, I’ve only watched ‘Meteor Garden’, and I really liked it. Afterwards, when I found out I was going to work with Mike, I watched a few episodes of his ‘Devil Beside You’, should at least find out a little about my partner.” Ah Sa has collaborated with many good-looking Taiwanese artists, including Wu Zun, Show Luo, Jay Chou and now Mike He, she’s had even more opportunities than Taiwanese female artists, and for this new drama, she will personally speak Mandarin.

No difficulties in speaking Mandarin

Ah Sa said: "Now my co-workers are all speaking mandarin, so I have to hurry and learn mandarin well. I remember the past when after Ah Jiao and I finished a day of work, we went back to the company to learn mandarin. Our eyes were all concentrating on the books, but right now I know that our hard work would have its rewards. I also have to ask reporters for their help. Many times when our pronounciation wasn't right, they would always correct us and help us." In the past, Twins won the 'Artiste with Worst Mandarin' award together with Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) and Louis Koo (古天樂). However now Ah Sa can speak mandarin during filming, and all these are the rewards of her hard work.

In 2009, Ah Sa will continue filming two more movies, and she still has many commercials to come. Ever since 7 months ago, her work schedule will squeezed to the max. Even so, she does not have many plans for the future. She said: "Though I have always liked making plans for myself, but I have realised that the more you plan, the more flustered you would get whenever unexpected things happen in the future. It's better not to think too much into it, as long as there are good opportunities and chances, it is counted as a surprise."

Ah Sa, who has matured now, says musingly: "I understand that in this world, there are people who like me and support me; there are too people who don't like me and don't support me. Actually they can not care about me, because I am only performing for the people who support me." She is accepting and open minded, will this let everyone accept the return of Twins?

Translated by Initial E & Sarah

Bosco and Myolie. Holds hands for a minute and HK$300,000 goes into their pocket.

Bosco and Myolie. Holds hands for a minute and HK$300,000 goes into their pocket.
Saturday January 3, 2009 Hong Kong

The couple, Myolie and Bosco, has never admitted their relationship even after being rumoured for a few years already. When Bosco and Myolie started, they only attended little functions together but over a few years, the functions they are attending as a couple is increasing. Although many have regarded them as a couple, they still do not admit their relationship and uses this image to earn money together.

On 14th September, Mid-autumn festival, both Myolie and Bosco, as a couple, attended a function in Dong Guan(?) hosted by a travel agency. During that time, both of them did not interacted much and it is only when under the audience's request when they hooked their arm together. Wheather they are putting up a show to entertain the audience or wheather it comes from the heart, a heafty sum HK$300,000 is already in their pockets.

Riding on Moonlight Resonance popularity, Bosco was invited together with Myolie to attend a night function hosted by a local travel agency. The function is hosted for those 1000 people who came Dong Guan from HK to entertain them with songs and games.

The audience did not see Bosco and Myolie coming in together but rather, Bosco was seen first. Then, he sang two song and even came into contact with the audience. Other than that, he went to entertain the little children there and made funny expressions, which excluded his fatherly aura.

After going behind the stage, next was his female patner, Myolie. That day, she wore conservatively with a floral pattern shirt and jeans, with left no chance of her exposing herself. ( I think they were refering to the time when Myolie dressed revealingly) Like Bosco, Myolie also went down the stage and shook the audience's hand.

Maybe the orgainsers did not make special instructions, Bosco and Myolie only played games with the audience at the later part of the function. Other than that, they were busying signing their autograph for the audience and had almost no interactions with each other.

After waiting for a few hours, Bosco and Myolie sang a duet together. The goofy Bosco was sending eye signal to Myolie but Myolie treated him as if he was invisible and did not hold his hand when they were singing. It is only when the audience's murmers of "Hold her hand!" got louder, then Bosco could not take the pressure and invited Myolie to hook his hand which she obliged.

Even when they had this act of "imitacy", both of them still kept their stand and did not move towards each other. The song ended after a minute and both of them stayed for a few more hours before going off in the same car bach to HK. Just half a night being together and HK$300,000 goes into their pocket. So, like I ( P.O.V of article) said, being an artise, you have to find a suitable partner and you all can earn a lot of money together.

The continuation is about Myolie being a singer and the yellow box states how many functions did they attend together for this year and last year (which I am sure Boscolie fans know it by heart. ) Their total earned from these functions is HK$2,430,000.

Translations for the second page (from the right top corner):

- During the photo shots for her new album, Neway has prepared more than 10 sets of dresses for Myolie to choose, besides the make up artist, hair stylist, there are also 10 crews on set waiting to assist her. She was very nervous and anxious, after every shot, she will head for the computer to see the outcome.
-Myolie who has been busy filming, wants to look at her best when doing the photo shots for her album cover. hence, she specially took a day off to allow her skin to rest and applied cream on her arms to ensure that it is well moisturized.
- (With Hak Yu) Myolie and HaK Yu have plenty of scenes together in Chau Heng angers Tong Bak Fu.Facing the hot choice for this year's Best Actor Award, Myolie praised that he is a good actor.
- (With Bosco) Rumoured couples have signed on as singers, believed that they will have plenty of changes to sing duets and earn money.[/quote]

Change to a martial art girl

Myolie who is being chosen by top executives to film in Chau Heung angers Tong Bak Fu, have to prepare for various fighting scenes. One month before filming, she is already learning martial arts from a coach. Even if she has no time to rest, she still insists on practicing 1 to 2 hours everyday.

Last Wednesday (5th November 2008 ), Myolie has just finish her work at 4 in the morning, and at 3 in the afternoon, she is already back in TVB City, practicing with the sword and pole. The coach also requested her to do a split. Myolie who doesn't have any background in martial arts, followed the instructions clearly and do until the coach was satisfied.

" i have never film martial art dramas before, so rare that there is such a chance, so i have to learn from a coach. Although i don't have any background in it, but the coach felt that my limbs are quite flexible. In order to fight nicely and in the right way, sometimes i rather not rest, i will rather persevere and attend lessons." Myolie said as she did her warm up.

Bosco felt the pain

Change of path, Myolie will be competing in the Newcomer Award in the Music Industry. Even though the music market is so so now, but Recording Company Neway Star has invested more than a million. Besides having creating a 100 thousand dollars MV, they have also organised a mini concert for Myolie in Macau next month. Compared to another company under Neway, Linda chung who is under Neway Entertainment have to look for her rumoured boyfriend to be her MV main actor.

In addition, since she has been doing couple appearances with Bosco at various events, there are chances anytime for her and her boyfriend to work on a duet and sing love songs together. With regards to a duet, Bosco who has just joined East Asia Recording company, has no objections at all... "i have no idea if there will be a duet, but even if there is this idea on a duet, also have to wait till the arrangements done by our recording companies, if the companies feel that it is suitable, i will definitely listen and do it."

As for Myolie going into the martial arts track (for her new drama), Bosco feels the pain in his heart... "i feel that if have to fight, before the filming, have to definitely do some preparations first. Definitely must be careful and safety comes first." Earlier, Myolie has hurt her two arms while filming, although it is nothing serious, but as a boyfriend, Bosco didn't forget to remind her.

Credits :